White, Fe/Male, & Straight Project


Preliminary notes


Ordinary people/ artists, who do not fit in priority categories and interests concerning minority problems, racial, religious, and sexual differences; who neither fall within the range of conflict between the sexes, nor are of homosexual orientation, also have the right to voice out and defend their position of ordinary, average human beings in the field of arts and culture without being accused or labeled sexist, machist, sextant, sectarian, or any other concept or terminology that might stem from the distinctions mentioned above.


This is a project that defends the right of expression, action, and conduct of the ordinary person, who is coincidentally white, Caucasian, heterosexual, monogamous, apolitical, a-religious, a-global, or, more precisely, local, living in the country where he/she was born and raised, neither an e- nor i-mmigrant, with his/her passions and emotions as such. Today it is so much easier to be different rather than the same, which makes it easier to attract the attention of the public, easier to make a successful artistic statement that will appeal to the media and the organizations that support the arts. The real challenge is to discover the unusual in that which is always the same. We will leave the exotic and all the other-ness to cultural tourism and the local bearers of culture.